The Key to Your Creativity.


fearless phrases

8/11/20221 min read

pencil and sharpener on notebook page
pencil and sharpener on notebook page

As I skipped back to my desk, pigtails bouncing and jelly shoes squeaking, I beamed at the writing prompt in my hand. My 6-year-old eyes danced with imagination.

During these early years, I was unabashedly myself.

Vibrant. But as the years passed, I found myself so tightly wound in shoulds and expectations that my vibrancy couldn't shine through. I'd lost sight of how much joy writing brought me and ultimately replaced my creative prompts with a graphing calculator and stethoscope.

Because I should.

After feeling a pull to reconnect with my inner child, my vibrancy began to peek through the cracks.

Rays of light shone through when I began journaling again as an adult.

Tiny rainbows became visible when I started a blog for pleasure.

Finally, fireworks exploded when I made the courageous decision to share my writing with the world, breaking my inner child free from the shackles of doubt that kept me from pursuing this creative passion.

If you're feeling blocked, your inner child may be holding the key to your creativity.