8/31/20221 min read

Growing up, modesty was less about covering your body and more so about hiding your demons.

I learned to keep the unwanted parts of myself hidden in the dark corners of my soul. Silently fighting intrusive thoughts and irrational fears alone.

However, through my journaling practice, I’ve allowed myself to walk down to my inner dungeon and unlock the door.

I’ve courageously approached those remembrances, examining each one very closely. But instead of looking at them from a place of shame, I’ve greeted them with compassion, non-judgement, and understanding.

What is the root of this fear?
Why did I hide this away for so long?
What if I allowed myself to be visible?

My desire to share is motivated by the fact that I’ve been deeply impacted by the stories of others.

These deeply feeling humans who live their authenticity out loud.

They’re open. Vulnerable. Resilient. And free.

My hope is that by living out loud I, too, can have an impact.